• Facials

    Fruit Facial
    Specialised facial for all skin types.
    Skin cleansing, scrubbing to remove the dead skin, polishing through a specialised gel followed by a fruit cream massage. The process is completed with application of a fruit pack which leaves your skin soft and glowing. Alternatively, peel off masks can be treated which can vary according to different skin types.
    Saffron Facial
    Specialised facial for oily skin.
    An elaborative process comprising of skin cleansing, scrubbing to remove the dead skin, polishing through a specialised gel followed by a saffron creame massage. The process is completed with application of a fruit pack which leaves your skin soft and glowing. Alternatively, application of specialised peel off mask can be applied, specially acne control.
    Whitening Facial
    Pure white improves and protects against an uneven complexion, pigmentation and blemishes caused by exposure to the sun, pregnancy or medication. The proven process helps to reduce acne and ageing spots.
    Basic Whitening
    Cleansing by a pearl cleansing mousse, followed by Toning with a tonic lotion helps maintaining the PH of the skin, Scrub removes the dead skin, Massage with pearl concentrate and pearl night cream and finally Whitening peel off mask.
    Premium Whitening
    Along with Basic Whitening and additional application of Collagen mask for softening and tightening of skin.
    Energy Line Facial
    An Anti-ageing System which works against environmental exacerbating factors, physical and mental strain, stress and malnutrition. Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, a cleansing mousse, tonic, Ampules, Cream massage. Followed by a vitamin C mask.
    Premium Energy Line
    Energy Line Facial along with an additional collagen mask.